Recommended reading

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Unimagined: a Muslim boy meets the West by Imram Ahmad
hatever you do, don’t run by Peter Allison
Band of brothers Stephen E. Ambrose
Cola’s Journey by Cola Bilkuei
Mermaid singing by Charmian Clift
Tales from a suitcase by Andrea Dal Bosco
My family and other animals by Gerald Durrell
A fortunate life by A. B. Facey
We were soldiers once…and young: laDrang, the battle that changed the war in Vietnam by Joseph L Galloway
A friend like Henry by Nuala Gardner
White on black by Ruben David Gonsales Gallego
Blood against the snows: the tragic story of Nepal’s Royal Dynasty by Jonathan Gregson
Black Like ME by John Howard Griffin
Seven years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer
Fever pitch by Nick Hornby
The forgotten children: Fairbridge Farm School and it’s betrayal of Australia’s child migrants by David Hill
Tribe wanted: my adventures on Paradise or bust by Ben Keene
The deserter's tale : why I walked away from the war in Iraq by Joshua Key
Scar tissue by Anthony Kiedis
Into the wild by Jon Krakauer
Mao’s last dancer by Cunxin Li
Holy cow! : an Indian adventure by Sarah MacDonald
Falling leaves return to their roots: the true story of an unwanted Chinese daughter by Adeline Yen Mah
My place by Sally Morgan
Aussie soldier up close and personal by Colin Denny Neave
On the smell of an oily rag by Ouyang Yu
Tapestry by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
Tender at the bone: growing up at the table by Ruth Reichl
The grand experiment: two boys, two cultures by Anouk Ride
An ordinary man by Paul Rusesabagina
Uncle Tungsten: memories of a chemical boyhood by Oliver Sacks
Toast: the story of a boy’s hunger by Nigel Slater

Jarhead: a soldier’s story of modern war by Anthony Swofford
Born on a blue day: a memoir of Asperger’s and an extraordinary mind by Daniel Tammet
Almost French: a new life in Paris by Sarah Turnbull